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Beta Sistosterol resembles cholesterol in its chemical structure. This white wax-like substance can be found in a variety of plants including walnuts and soybeans.

Plant phytosterols are substances that make up a portion of the cell wall of many types of plants. They are similar to cholesterol. What is ironic is that when a person consumes enough foods containing substances like beta sistosterol, blood cholesterol goes down. They seem to work by blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines. Beta sistosterol can actually replace cholesterol and function in the way that it was meant to in the blood.

Scientists have known about the benefits of these natural substances since the early 20th century. Yet, manufacturers continue working on synthetic medications to reduce cholesterol in humans. With the advance of Staten drugs in the 1980s, the recommendations for using diet to control cholesterol became less common in the United States. However in Europe, beta sistosterol is widely used as a means of controlling cholesterol levels.

Uses of Beta Sistosterol

Food producers got a little help when companies that make margarine decided to add beta sistosterol to margarine. Experts recommended that people consume enough of this substance in their diets to help control cholesterol levels in the body and the blood.

It was theorized that people who ate a lot of food with margarine would benefit from adding this to their diets. For many years, margarines contained hydrogenated fats. Any benefit gained from beta sistosterol was lost when a person consumed hydrogenated fat.

Now, scientists are now very aware that hydrogenated fats are a leading cause of artery clogging.

There are now margarines that do not contain hydrogenated fats or hydrolyzed proteins. In addition to that, beta sistosterol can be found in yogurt and soybean oil.

There are other plant-based herbs available in health food stores that contain high amounts of beta sistosterol. In Europe, saw palmetto is combined with beta sistosterol to treat mild cases of benign prostate hypertrophy. Apparently, the combination helps fight cholesterol and reduce blood levels dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an unhealthy form of the male hormone testosterone. This bad hormone leads to prostate problems and hair loss in men.

How to Use

If you like nuts, this can be a healthy way to get beta sistosterol in your blood to fight cholesterol and DHT. It can be difficult for people to eat or not foods containing the substance to get the desired health benefits. That is where supplementation can help. You can purchase supplements containing saw palmetto and beta sistosterol at any health food store. To use, simply follow the directions on the package.


In short, beta sistosterol is a very good chemical substance that helps fight cholesterol and DHT. One recent study also indicates that it may be useful in fighting hair loss. The information seems to be overwhelming that this product is not a waste of your money. Any hair loss product that contains beta sistosterol is worth using. Of course, the best way to get any substances your body is by eating it. But you have to eat a lot of nuts to get the health benefits, so take a supplement containing beta sistosterol. It will help lower your cholesterol, which is good for your heart. It may also help slow down and fight hair loss.

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