Bao Shi for Men Hair Grow Vitamins are a combination of the original Bao Shin Formula and many different medicinal herbs. The product also contains saw palmetto, which according to the company is a natural DHT blocker. Nice claim, but it is totally unproven. The product is as the title suggest for men and is said to be effective regardless of age. The product is not only supposed to help you with your thinning hair but with your gray hair and overall hair growth as well.


According to the company website, it is the special blend of medicinal herbs combined with vitamins and other nutrients that make Bao Shi for Men Hair Grow Vitamins work so well. A quick glance at the ingredients list will uncover many great nutrients and such, but nothing out of the ordinary. There are ingredients such as Vitamins B3 and B6, biotin, zinc, and as touted, saw palmetto. These are indeed some fine ingredients and vital to your overall health, but they will do nothing to help you in your battle against hair loss. The only ingredient on the list that is out of the ordinary is the ‘Bao Shi Proprietary Blend.’ Who knows what that is exactly, but it is out of the ordinary. Other than that, there is little more to gain in these vitamins than that of an ordinary multivitamin.

Ancient Oriental Secret

A popular misconception in the world of hair loss products is that somehow the oriental community has some secret to re-growing hair, a fact that the makers of this product have keyed right in on. On their website they explain in great detail how the men of the orient have known for centuries the power of medicinal herbs such as saw palmetto. The truth is there are just as many bald or balding oriental men in this world as there are in any other culture. Losing you hair has almost everything to do with your genetics and absolutely nothing to do with what part of the world you were born in.

Vitamins for hair growth?

Really when you think about it re-growing your hair simply because you take your vitamins is silly. If it were that easy to re-grow hair then there wouldn’t be any bald men in this world. Look around, there are plenty, and chances are if you ask, more of them probably take their vitamins then don’t.


Vitamins as a whole have seen an increase in price recently, but they still pale in comparison to the cost of Bao Shi for Men Hair Grow Vitamins. If you truly feel in your heart that vitamins will help you to re-grow your hair why spend all of your money buying them? True Bao Shi for Men Hair Grow Vitamins are from the orient, but again that makes absolutely no difference. This product like many other hair loss products available today seems to take advantage of peoples willingness to believe in something that just isn’t true and when it comes down to it, they just aren’t worth the hype.