The Avelon Halt Hair Loss & Promote Hair Re-Growth program is a hair loss treatment combo made up of two items, a shampoo and an activating serum. This product comes out of Malaysia and is sold by MLM Vision Enterprise. Before getting into the product in question, MLM also sells devices that help you save electricity, a pest control item and an energy pendant that can cure just about any ailment you have. Along with all that stuff, they sell this hair care treatment.

How it Works

First off, there are two well-known drugs that are recognized, worldwide and scientifically as being able to help reduce and/or reverse the effects of hair loss. Those drugs are Minoxidil and Propecia and they are FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. These two drugs have been around for quite some time and through clinical trials have both been proved to do what they say they can do, help hair loss.


Avelon Halt Hair Loss & Promote Hair Re-Growth, aside from being far too long a name, has neither of these drugs in it. The creators claim it addresses the root cause of the hair loss thanks to an amino bio-technology breakthrough, seriously I think companies are making this stuff up as that sounds more like marketing strategy than medical treatment talk, hair-restoring plants and a lot of vitamins. The shampoo part of the program is basically a shampoo that based on their description of it, sounds like it works worse than a regular cheap bottle of shampoo you can get anywhere. Supposedly it deep cleans the scalp without stripping away its natural oils. Last time I checked, soap is designed to remove oil not leave it behind.

The Hair Fall Control & Hair Activating Serum addresses thinning and falling hair by preventing further hair loss and encouraging hair re-growth. Hair falls out, it’s a fact and it falls off of everyone’s head all of the time. That’s how the human body works; however, when thinning or baldness happens it’s because the body can’t produce enough hair to combat the normal loss of hair. There are a host of medical terms all about it but we are talking about, the Avelon Halt Hair Loss & Promote Hair Re-Growth program and not medical treatment.

All of the ingredients listed for this treatment program are flowers, roots, vitamins and soap. No Minoxidil or Propecia anywhere on the site. It’s a strictly herbal formula with no FDA approval whatsoever which means, if you try this $210 system you are on your own. There are no clinical trials available to see, there is the bio-technological breakthrough to consider but that kind of statement does not require proof at all. There are no guidelines for what defines a breakthrough for shampoo and they don’t have to prove this breakthrough really exists at all. That’s a marketing trick to make you think it is light years ahead of the competition.


If you want to throw a couple hundred dollars out the window you’ll save time and energy; or you can wait for the delivery of this product from Russia, China, or Malaysia – because you can’t order it in the United States.