If you’ve seen my other posts on Avanti hair care products, then you know I’ve been stepping away from my normal routine of posting reviews about hair loss products.

This will be my final installment into this venture because I know most of you are concerned with hair loss products.

Why did I decide to step outside my normal routine? I wanted to help you see how important it is to take proper care of yourself and to not believe every claim made my manufacturers. We hear a lot about how important our hair care products are.

Physical health is tied directly into spiritual health. Nurturing your hair, even if it is thinning, is important for your psyche at the very least. But that doesn’t mean for one second you should buy into marketing claims to think a shampoo will magically stop your hair loss just because it can clean your scalp.

What is the Avanti Silicon Mix Package?

It is a package containing all of the Avanti hair products. Silicon is the main part of all of these products, which are meant to clean, restore, and strengthen your hair.

Capillary Treatment

This product contains all of the signature ingredients: silicon, keratin, and ceramides. It is aimed at restoring your hair after damage. Since it is an intense treatment, you don’t use it every day.

The shampoo is made up mostly of silicone gel. It cleans the scalp and hair gently without drying or damaging the hair shaft the way detergents in other shampoos do. The ceramides will help clean the scalp and supposedly may help the skin cells of the scalp regenerate.


Some people may think silk protein means they hurt a spider. I’m joking. Although spiders are famous for weaving silk, the silk protein in this shampoo didn’t come from spiders. The silk protein is supposed to help your hair become smooth, while the other ingredients will help promote better moisture and strength. I think it would be better used in a silk shirt.

Shine and Detangler

This restorative product isn’t needed for everyone. If you have long hair, it is prone to damage. The same is true of color treated hair.


Price is important to people, especially when buying products online. This package sells for about $60 depending on which store you choose. At first, that may sound a little high, and it is – considering you could get the same effect for a fraction of the price.


This marks the end of my venture into products unrelated to hair loss. I don’t recommend trying the Avanti hair care line just because it is sold out on so many websites that it give the impression that people like it. Only proves there are people everywhere who are susceptible to hype-filled marketing.

Not only will the Avanti Silicon Mix Package NOT help with hair loss, it’ll put a big dent in your wallet… for nothing.