As I was looking for more products to review, I came across the Avanti Silicon Mix products. Everywhere I searched for information on this set of products, I noticed two things. First, most websites were sold out of at least one of the products. Secondly, I saw that people were raving about how this was the only product they would use. You don’t often see sold out products online, especially during a recession.

But is it really good for hair loss? or is it just another high-priced hair care product with a hype-filled marketing message?

Although I usually don’t write reviews on products that do not claim to be specifically for hair loss, I think this product is worth checking out. Here’s why:

So many hair care products claim to clean the scalp just like Avanti does, but unlike those other companies, Avanti makes no claims that their products help regrow hair.

What is Avanti Mix Shampoo?

Well of course it cleans your hair. It has the same active ingredients as the intensive treatment. It is also said to be gentle on the hair.


Ceramides: Ceramides are part of the material that makes up the cell wall. They have a lot of uses that are too complicated to explain since I am no scientist. Many wrinkle creams use this as an ingredient in their
products because it is said to rejuvenate cells. Obviously that can’t be a bad thing for your scalp.

Silicon: As one of the most abundant elements on our planet, silicon is an important part of the structure of our bones, skin, hair, and connective tissue. As a topical element, I do not know if it will help with the hair, but it is added to help strengthen and protect the hair shaft.

Keratin: Keratin is the very substance that our hair and nails are made of. It is one of the hardest substances in nature. The reason it is in the shampoo is to help strengthen your hair shaft.

How to Use

Shampoo your hair as you would with any other product. Rinse when complete.


It’s a real hit to the wallet. No I am just joking. It costs around $5-10. I don’t think that will break the banks of too many people, but it’ll be a complete waste of a few bucks if you get it thinking it’ll help with your hair loss.


It’s not going to kill you to try this product for normal hair care use only. The fact that it is sold out says that people want this product and the comments I see everywhere are almost raving about it – but they’re probably from people with a thick head of hair.

Will it do anything worthwhile? It may work for some people at strengthening the hair, while others may feel it does nothing.

A reminder, I am not saying this will help your hair loss condition. In the end, I’m not recommending this product for the mere fact that your hair loss isn’t going to be helped at all by using it.