I’ve decided to do something a bit different. Usually I review only products directly related to hair loss prevention. Sometimes, it is good to do something a little out of the norm. Stress is such a big part of our
modern lives, so taking care of you is a good thing.

That’s why I decided to review the Avanti hair line. I really believe this product line is worth reviewing to show you that the claims of some manufacturers take a regular product and try to make it a hair loss treatment. Sometimes pampering yourself is good for the soul.

Will Avanti products help with your hair loss? No, but I think these products are just as likely as some of the so-called hair loss products out there.

What is the Shine Polisher?

Avanti has plenty of competition in the hair shine department. Most products have some kind of polymer as the shining agent and make the hair stiff. Ughh, the thought of something like that on my hair doesn’t
excite me. Avanti users say their hair remains soft. The product label claims it will protect hair from chlorine and sun damage.

Who Needs this Product?

The answer is anyone who wants shiny hair. You could also add anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun or water. It is also supposed to protect hair color, so folks who color treat their hair may see some benefit from this.

Other uses

According to the label, this shining agent also detangles and smoothes out hair. Ladies, if you have long hair, you may be tempted to try this product not only for the shine factor, but also for the detangling
benefit. And that’s nice, but remember, it’s not going to do squat for you if you’re losing your hair.


You can find this product for a cost of between $10-12 online. It doesn’t take much to do the job it is intended for so it should last quite a while. The other benefit to this product is that it won’t hurt your wallet too much – as long as you remember you’re not using it for hair loss. A cheap enough way to pamper yourself, though I guess.


Will this product help with hair loss? No, but it will make your hair more shiny and healthy looking. It can also act as a detangler without weighing down the hair shaft. Delivery onto your hair is easy because it
comes in a spray bottle. Other shine products require you to apply with your hands.

Should you try it? Only you can answer that for yourself. If I had long hair, I might try this product to protect it. Just know before you shell out the money, that you’ll be doing exactly nothing about your hair loss.