If you’ve looked at my other reviews on the Avanti hair line, you’ve no doubt noticed I’m doing something a little different than normal. My site contains reviews about hair loss products. Avanti doesn’t claim to be a hair loss prevention product.

So why am I reviewing it? Well, even if you have a problem with hair loss, you still need to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Everywhere I look on the internet, some or all of these products are out of stock. The other think that jumped out at me was that people love this product. That got my attention.

What is Avanti Intensive Leave-in Shine and Hair Conditioner?

There are plenty of leave-in conditioners. They help smooth damaged hair. Most of them will weigh your hair down and keep it flat against your head, which is not a good thing if you have thinning hair.

This product is a bit different due to the ingredients. According to the package, your hair will be strengthened from root to end of shaft. It works both internally and externally. Most conditioners only work on the exterior of the shaft. I’ll be honest.

I’m a bit skeptical about this claim without science backing it up. But users swear by this and keep buying it so it must be doing something. The ingredients are definitely strong elements which leads me on to:


Silk Protein

Most conditioners have some form of protein or fat in them. It helps the hair become smooth. Silk protein is one of the strongest substances known in the world. It should help your hair with moisture and strength.


This element provides structure to our bones, connective tissue, and skin. It may also help strengthen the hair shaft itself.


As part of the cell wall, ceramides play a role in cell apoptosis. Say what? Apoptosis is the process of a cell dying. It is natural. You want old cells to die because cells that don’t die become cancer. As a side note, when apoptosis doesn’t work in a cell, it can lead to cancer.

Back to my point—as I mentioned ceramide is part of the process of cell breakdown. It is also important to the structure of the cell. As a topical ingredient on your hair and scalp, it will help get rid of old cells, while possibly contributing to the renewal of the scalp.


Hair is made from keratin. It is hard and is the actual strength of the hair shaft. Adding it topically may not be of any benefit, but it could also possibly add strength to damaged or broken hair.


It will take about $20 to get a bottle of this hair treatment, but people say that a little goes a long way so it should last you awhile if you buy it.


Would I try this product? Absolutely. It speaks volumes to me when I see a trend of sell outs. That means this product is making an impression on people. It may not help your hair loss, but it should improve the overall condition. I have a suspicion that it could benefit some people by preventing some hair loss, but you’ll have to be the judge of that for yourself.