You’re probably wondering why I’m reviewing this product because it is not specifically listed as a hair loss treatment. I know that. But this product really does have some ingredients that are similar to other hair products that claim to help prevent hair loss. Hopefully this will help you see how ridiculous some of the marketing claims are.

What is Avanti Silicone Mix Silicone Hair Treatment?

It is a deep conditioning treatment that will help restore moisture to damaged hair. Quality ingredients are supposed to ensure that your hair will come out feeling softer and shinier.



No, we’re not talking about breast implants or computer chips. Silicon is the most common element on the earth after oxygen. It is used for many industrial purposes, and yes that means as part of computer chips.

People need minor amounts of silicon as it helps provide structure to bones, skin, hair, nails, and tissues. For hair, marketers will tell you it helps coat the shaft making it smoother and more resistant to damage.


Our hair and nails are made of this substance. As our hair and nails grow, the cells die forming a tough nail or strong hair strand. There is really no definitive proof that using this substance topically can help your hair.


This substance is formed from the breakdown of cell walls. It can happen under several different conditions, but it is a vital substance to the human body. It is important in the structure of cells. Lately, it has become a popular wrinkle cream because it is said that it helps skin regeneration.

How it Works

One thing that can exacerbate hair loss problems is clogged hair follicles from dirt and hair oils. The ingredients in this product may possibly help promote healthy hair and have a beneficial cleaning effect on the scalp. Of course the same could be said of any quality hair care product. My point is to illustrate how some manufacturers (not this one) will take a normal hair care product and try to turn it into a marvelous hair growth serum.

I need to remind you that the manufacturers do not claim that this product is useful for hair loss.


The price ranges from $10 and up. It’s an expensive price for something that’s not proven.


Is this a good product? I wouldn’t use it. Why? It’s not proven. If you think it’s worth trying, by all means go ahead. Try it. If you don’t think it works, then don’t use it. At the very least, other customers are raving about the condition of their hair, so what hair you have will look good.