4-in-1 Hair Shedding Proof Shampoo is an all-natural herbal hair loss shampoo that promises to keep hair thick and full and also clean the scalp and make way for new hair to grow. According to the company the product offers a nice herbal fragrance and a ‘tickling’ feeling that makes the hair not only clean, but also dry. If that is not confusing enough, they then go on to say that the product works so well because it gets inside the cuticle, which allows for hair to grow strong and thick. Yes, cuticle, that is not a misprint. The product is said to be equally effective for all who use it regardless of age, race, or gender and comes in a one months supply.

Goes deep into the cuticle

Wow! At last check, the cuticle has nothing to do with the scalp and is located under the fingernails. Either this company has its facts horrible twisted or it intends to be the first hair loss shampoo in history to help you to grow your fingernail hair long and thick. In either case, the logic is simply not there.

Wonderful ingredients

In several places on the company’s website it is said how ‘wonderful’ the all-natural herbal ingredients are that comprise the 4-in-1 Hair Shedding Proof Shampoo, but nowhere on the site does it give even a partial list of what those wonderful ingredients are. This can be very troubling for you if you are allergic to, well anything. There is no telling what is in this product that may in fact make your hair scalp irritated. Maybe that is the ‘tickling’ feeling they talk about in the description of the product.


In another twist of words, the product by name suggests that human beings actually shed their hair. There are many hair loss products available on the market today some good and most bad, but never has there been a product that refers to hair loss as shedding until now. Shedding is typically a term that is reserved for what your cat or dog does when the weather gets hot as they drop their fur all over your house and you have to sweep and vacuum every day. The big difference is that your pets have a ready supply of fur to replace all that is dropped while you do not. Perhaps this shampoo could be used on your dog or cat to lessen the housework.


Stay far away from this product. First of all, there is absolutely no information as to what the heck is in this product and that fact alone warrants a pass, but there’s more. 4-in-1 Hair Shedding Proof Shampoo is a product that claims to be for hair loss, but has even the facts of where hair grows twisted by stating that the product gets into the cuticle when they probably wanted to say follicle. Lastly the title suggests that the product will make your hair shed proof, when humans do not shed their hair, the lose it. At best with this product you will be getting a product that makes hair grow from under your fingernails and will keep your hair from shedding all over the place this summer. Laughable isn’t it? So to is 4-in-1 Hair Shedding Proof Shampoo.