ProductIngredientsWhat Does It Do?How EffectiveAction
1Minoxidil 5%Regrows hair

no side effects
Proven to be effective in most


Easy to apply

2Finasteride 1mgStops hair loss

Reduces DHT levels by around 60%

Side effects not experienced by many

Side effects can include decreased libido

Erectile dysfunction
Proven to be effective at combating DHT

Reduces DHT levels by around 60%

Signficant improvement over two year period of continuous use

31mg KetoconazoleReduced scalp inflammation

No side effects
Works well with proven hair loss products

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Most Hair Loss Treatments Are a Scam! My Hair Loss Product Reviews Are Informative and Reveal the Truth!

Best Hair Loss Products

Welcome to Hair Loss Product Reviews. You’re probably here to find out if a particular hair loss treatment really works or if a company can back their claims of reversing hair loss. We are a team dedicated to researching and reviewing any and all hair loss treatments. With our no-nonsense Reviews, we hope to provide a free service that will weed out the bad apples and reward the best hair loss products.We want you to be comforted in knowing that you’re not reading the words of a Conglomerate trying to capitalize on your hopes of finding a cure for your hair loss. Our goal is to educate men and women actively seeking an alternative to lost or thinning hair. More importantly we want you to be educated and pick the best hair loss products.

When it comes to Hair Loss, we know how the pieces fit!

Contrary to popular belief, there are some products that actually work. It’s a pleasure when we can review a company that offers a product with high quality and proven ingredients. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often – so don’t get your hopes up! The difference between our Hair Loss Product Rating and others is we actually care about making a difference in the industry. It’s up to us to put the pressure on companies that are out to SCAM, and most importantly, we want to highlight the best hair loss products. There are currently three treatments that we currently recommend. If there are other reviews that you think should make the list, let us know and we’ll be happy to do the leg work.

Hair Loss Product Reviews

You name it we’ll review it. I’m confident that there isn’t a more committed team in the world to expose hair loss treatmentss. As we post our reviews you’ll notice a pattern – most hair loss products don’t work. We’re constantly on a search for the “Holy Grail” for treatments. If there is a product for hair loss that you’d like reviewed, just let us know and we’ll get to it as soon as possible.Try not to be too disappointed if you happen to come across a treatment that you had high hopes for and we give it two thumbs down. To tell you the truth, it’s going to be pretty common for me to burst your hair loss fantasies!

Feel free to use our search feature and find out if we’ve already posted a review on a specific treatment. If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us and let me know which product you’re curious about and we’ll see what we can do for you.

A simple yet Effective Hair loss Product Reviewing Process

As I stated before, while most are engaged in fancy names and strong marketing campaigns I’m hard at work doing the research that is necessary for you to make an informed and educated decision. While it may seem that this is rocket science, there are only a few areas that you need to be concerned with when reading our reviews.

Hair Loss Product Ingredients

  • Research: One of the most basic, overlooked aspects of a hair loss ingredients is are they backed by science? Have they spent the time and money in a controlled laboratory ensuring that their ingredients legitimately work. If so, there will be reliable sources, such as, performing positive reviews.
  • Amounts: When my wife bakes cookies she always remembers which ingredients are needed to to proceed. What she doesn’t remember is how much of the ingredients are needed to taste good or “make it work”. The same can be said about companies peddling their tonics. Sure, they have all the right ingredients for regrowing your hair, but are they using the correct amounts?
  • Miracles: Is there a brand new herb that has hit the market? Is it only found in a remote location like New Zealand? Chances are they’re just inventing new names for the same ole useless ingredients that have been used as “fillers” for years now. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you discover which ingredients are effective and which ones are bogus.

Hair Loss Company Character

We’re dedicated to sniffing out the hair loss companies that are committed to preying on someone’s hope. We’ll make a point of rewarding the companies with strong character and embarrassing the companies with the “Get Hair Quick Schemes”.

Hair Loss Product Marketing Schemes


  • Does it seem to good to be true? Are they offering you overnight results?
  • Does it seem like their supposed clientele are the best looking people in the world? Maybe you’ve seen them on other sites, or even television, peddling other products?
  • Act now and they’ll double your order! If they are selling a legitimate hair loss treatment they wouldn’t be giving product away. Good quality treatments are going to cost a bit of money – No FREEBIES!

We Value Customer Service

Money-Back Guarantee!! I know they say they do but have you looked at the conditions. Some hair loss companies make it difficult if not impossible to get your money back. Their fine print is pretty impressive! I find that most hair loss companies that I deal with are pretty upfront with their refunds and “money back guarantees”. They might not be the most impressive, but at least they’re honest – And honesty is what we’re looking for when dealing with Hair Loss Products!